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Educational Program for Exotic and Domestic Animals are available for all occasions.

We do fairs, birthday parties, holiday parties, staff parties,

schools and community centers, seniors centers and more.

We can bring the animals to you, or you can book a private party right here on the Ranch! Call 289-228-0254 to book with us!

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Our Mission


Ringtail Ranch and Rescue’s mission is to introduce our unique animals to the public and educate and inform people of the challenges faced by some of the world’s most amazing creatures. Our animals live cage free on 30 acres of land in Southern Ontario and in our home. It is wonderful to see how animals from different parts of the world can not only get along but actually love one another if given the chance. All of our animals are 10 generations or more captive bred and have been bottle raised by humans. Returning captive bred animals to the wild is almost always fatal, and raising them in the most natural way possible is always the best solution. Our animals have come from different situations, some we have had to nurse back to health, some have been caged and misunderstood, and some were purchased as pets by people who became overwhelmed by the amount of work involved. We have taken them into our home and given them the love and care required by each individual animal. Removing animals from the wild has been banned for over 50 years but unfortunately is still done illegally in some nations. We want to tell you the stories of our animals and their wild cousins.


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DONE Sending...

Deanna | Reply 07.10.2015 16.17

Thank you so very much for visiting our group home today. Both clients and staff enjoyed this very much! A wonderful experience!

Debbie | Reply 06.10.2015 14.44

are you going to open for visits on Monday thanksgving day?

Joni 06.10.2015 20.51

Weather permitting, yes.

Joni 06.10.2015 20.51

Weather permitting, yes.

Kayla | Reply 04.10.2015 08.31

Hello. Just wondering if a few of us can stop by today? (Sunday) if so what time??

Jodi | Reply 04.10.2015 08.11

Hi. My family and I were wondering if we could come for a visit today. If so, what time is good?

Jayne Richard | Reply 03.10.2015 23.28

Hi iwas wondering if we could visit tomorrow theres about ten of us ? Times available?

Kimberly | Reply 03.10.2015 10.29

My niece and I would love to bring our children out to see you and the animals. Would you be open Sat Oct 17th?

Carol | Reply 01.10.2015 09.22

HI, I was wondering if you are going to be open on Oct 11th or the 18th. I would love to being my family by.

Joni 01.10.2015 23.07

We are at Harvest Fest in Port Colborne on Saturday the 3rd but will be available Sunday.

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19.11 | 21:55

Totally understand about not wanting to say anything right now. How horrible for people to speculate

19.11 | 20:44

It was an animal and we will explain the circumstances in the near future.

19.11 | 20:43

We will not be attending the Soulful Holiday Event due to some misinformation being spread about the ranch. We will be addressing these rumors shortly.

19.11 | 20:40

Sorry we are still closed,

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